The Adkins Group offers a number of executive search and project-based recruiting services to meet the needs of our client companies.

We realize that a one-size-fits-all approach cannot possibly address each of the openings in most companies today. It only makes sense to build a search and recruitment strategy that specifically targets each organization’s individual situation. We also understand that organizations have different levels of internal capabilities when it comes to making their critical hires, so we offer flexible, scalable solutions that work in conjunction with their current resources:  Solutions that are tailored to meet our client’s current needs.

Our clients appreciate the consultative value that we add to the search/recruiting process.  We are not afraid to ask the hard questions.  In order to present the best candidates that not only “fit” the requirements of the role, but also “fit” the organization, we will work with you upfront to learn about your organization, culture, and challenges to help determine what elements are important in order for candidates to be successful.  At the same time, we will put ourselves in the shoes of potential candidates to better anticipate questions that they may have about the company and role.  Our clients appreciate our thoroughness, and see real value in our crafting a executive search, recruitment solution that not only can identify top talent, but that also emphasizes the “sales” aspect of recruiting:  Our ability to get the right candidate(s) to say “yes.”