The Adkins Group is an executive search, recruitment services firm based in Austin, Texas.  Since 2000, we have specialized in delivering high-quality executive search and recruitment services to established and start-up organizations across the United States.

The Adkins Group was founded with the purpose of creating a full-service, dedicated firm, concentrating on providing to our clients, access to the top talent and leaders in the marketplace—those qualified individuals who have the skills, background, motivation, and experience necessary to ensure our clients’ success.

We operate with a high sense of urgency, able to address individual contributor to executive-level openings in a variety of disciplines and industries.

Our successes include filling critical positions at all organizational levels for companies in various stages of development.

Our specialty is addressing your most critical openings by delivering your recruiting message directly to the most qualified individuals.

The Adkins Group clients appreciate our straightforward approach to resolving their search needs. We do what we say, and never make promises that we can’t keep. All assignments are conducted with a personal touch, and will always receive our undivided, full attention and commitment. This approach has proven successful, enabling us to develop and maintain a “partner” relationship with several clients across the U.S.

The Adkins Group mission is to provide world-class recruitment solutions that positively impact our client companies’ bottom-lines. We aim to achieve excellence by performing above and beyond expectations, with consistency, honesty, and integrity.



Our Track Record

20 years of experience filling critical roles at all organizational levels for companies in various stages of development.

Deep Access to Top Candidates

We engage top candidates who are not necessarily looking for their next role. Our experience allows us to have access to the highest-performing leaders within several industries. These candidates are often concerned about confidentiality, so creating immediate trust and credibility are essential. Top candidates are typically more comfortable with an experienced outside consultant who is not part of the hiring organization, providing them with a more comfortable relationship in which to explore a potential new opportunity, confidentially.

Objectivity, Depth of Experience, Consultative Approach

Our experience can be invaluable in terms of providing objectivity and bringing strategic expertise about the current marketplace to the table. We understand the candidate marketplace, current trends in terms of new requirements of corporate leaders, and the qualities required in change environments.

Depth of Services and Global Reach

Our clients have found our firm to be a great alternative to engaging large, high-overhead search firms that tend to be inflexible, expensive, and somewhat impersonal. We are small and nimble enough to be able to move quickly by offering a personal approach to each search, while utilizing the latest technology, processes, and search methodology available.We do not engage with more than 2 similar industry clients at a time, eliminating “blockage” or conflict of interest issues that larger firms have when recruiting qualified candidates currently located in competitor organizations.

Attracting The Best Talent

There is an increased demand to attract a diverse range of top candidates who can deliver fresh perspectives to the hiring organization. We fully understand this and have focused on expanding our own networks beyond the “most obvious” candidate pools used to identify top talent. Utilizing our extensive network of top professionals and referral sources, in conjunction with a variety of deep-dive sourcing methods, we go directly to the best candidates that can excel at the job.

Your Organization and Marketplace

You want a search team who understands your culture, the major players in your industry, and your organization’s unique needs. Our process model allows us to learn these aspects of your organization which we will use to align our search. Additionally, since our firm’s lead search consultants handles the engagement directly, they are better positioned to present your opportunity, screen candidates and provide value-added insight on your industry, the market, the function, and the role.

Transparent Search Process, Project Reporting

Our clients have access to search reports that show name, title, employer and responses from all of the potential candidates that we have contacted for the search. These report allows you to better communicate and collaborate with our firm during the search. This information can prove to be valuable in refining or redirecting search efforts, identifying the perception of your company in the marketplace, and provides residual value by identifying key talent for future needs.

Cost Effective

For executive search, we utilize the contained search methodology with a performance-based fee structure and a limited upfront investment.