KEYHIRE SEARCH PROJECT (Non-Executive-Level Openings)

The KeyHire Search project has become the search engagement of choice for our client organizations that have a critical, specialized niche opening that needs to be addressed immediately;  a situation that calls for a comprehensive, cost-effective, deep-dive recruitment effort that can deliver great candidates in a timely fashion. Utilizing the same contained methodology and search process as our executive search offering, this service is geared towards addressing non-executive level, but hard-to-fill positions.


One might refer to this as “needle-in-the-haystack” type of recruiting

In most cases, the candidates that have the necessary expertise are extremely hard to reach and are in high demand.  The appropriate candidates for these roles have not posted their resumes on job boards, do not respond to job postings, and do not visit company career sites.  Many have profiles on LinkedIn, are getting inundated with generic inquiries from recruiters, and are not responding. They are typically employed and not actively looking for new opportunities, but have the solid track record and expertise that you need, and are potentially open to being recruited if presented with the right opportunity.


When filling this type of role, just finding the names of qualified people is simply not enough.

Attracting this type of top-tier, in demand candidate requires thought, strategic planning, and a dedicated team-based approach, including the following:

  • The ability to identify potential top candidates by using new and non-traditional sources (in addition to our extensive network, our firm utilizes many research tools and methods that help to identify key talent).
  • A well-honed referral solicitation strategy (we have a solid track record of obtaining multiple referrals to top talent).
  • The ability to come up with a compelling recruitment message that will appeal to those at the top of their gamethe ability to “put yourself in the shoes” of a potential candidate, if you will (we will work with you to craft an message that will appeal to exceptional candidates).


Our clients don’t engage us if they can find people on their own. 

They turn to us to perform a KeyHire Search if they have exhausted all of their referral sources and internal options, and/or if they do not have the dedicated internal resources available to find the “needle-in-the-haystack” candidates, at least not without pulling recruiters off of other activities, and without added costs, time constraints, etc.  Also, our typical client company does not want to deal with managing multiple contingency firms that may or may not make their search a priority, that does not show their work via status reports, and that are not held accountable if they do not deliver. 


This is not a throw-it-against-the-wall-to-see-what-sticks engagement where we merely search the internet, job boards, LinkedIn, and then flood you with resumes of marginally qualified candidates.  Rather, we will formulate a targeted search strategy and will dedicate a team of experienced, professional recruiters to uncover and present the most qualified candidates.  Our job here is part detective, part recruiter, part networker, part marketer and salesman, delivering great candidates that have a track record of getting things done.


Please note:  As mentioned on the contained search page, this type of search is performance-based. We are incentivized to see the search through successful closure, as we do not receive a final fee until you hire one of our candidates.

Many of the positions listed on our Representation of Positions Filled page were filled using the KeyHire Search type of engagement for clients in a wide variety of industries, companies large and small.



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