The Adkins Group offers a multiple-hire, project-based recruiting service to support the efforts of line managers, senior HR executives, and internal recruiting teams.  Our “Targeted Sourcing Project” recruiting service is used to actively target, identify, contact, screen, and evaluate potential candidates who meet your organization’s position requirements. 

This service has been the recruiting method of choice for our clients with multiple, critical, hard-to-fill openings within their organization, often supplementing the efforts of their internal recruitment teams. With this type of engagement, The Adkins Group has a solid track-record in delivering high-caliber candidates with the appropriate skill sets and backgrounds to our clients. This method has proven to be an effective way to recruit for various types of positions, replacing passive recruiting methods such as advertising, internet job boards, job fairs, and contingency recruiting.


Performance Advantages of the Targeted Sourcing Project

Delivers your recruiting message directly to the most desirable candidates, regardless of where they are located.  This is not passive “post the job and cross your fingers” recruiting.  We actively target, source, and recruit top-talent–those that have the necessary skills and experience that you need.  Passive forms of recruiting (advertising, internet, job fairs, etc.) cannot guarantee that the best prospects will hear your recruiting message, and are often restricted to single market areas.

Pre-screening time savings Our clients do not have to spend numerous hours screening, interviewing, and sorting through large numbers of unqualified candidates. Our clients are only responsible for managing the back-end of the recruiting process (interviewing, selection, and closure).

Cost-per-hire savings.  This is a “flat-fee” project.  This service allows our clients to have access to the same front-end, targeted candidate identification and qualification processes as our executive search service, all while reducing cost-per-hire and time-to-hire. No additional placement fees.  No additional expenses.  Our client companies can make multiple hires as a result of one research project, and can plan their budget accordingly. This results in a considerable savings over traditional placement fee-based recruiting methods.

We track and show our work.  At any time during the engagement, in addition to presenting the resumes of qualified interested candidates, we can show you a report of everyone that we have identified and recruited.  This report includes names, titles, current company, contact information, and their responses to our recruitment message. We will issue a final project report at the end of the engagement.


Organizations That Can Benefit 

Internal corporate staffing organizations.  We do not have a requisition load of 20-50 (or more) openings like many corporate recruiters do. It is extremely difficult for an internal recruiter to be effective and proactively recruit qualified, passive (not actively-looking) candidates with this many requisitions on their plates. 

Our recruiters do not have the time constraints and distractions (multiple meetings, reporting, scheduling, etc) that many internal recruiters do. We are at our desks when the return call comes in. We can ease the strain by focusing 100% of our time on sourcing and recruiting the right people with limited distractions.  We can speak with potential candidates within competitor companies without sending up red flags within those organizations. Companies that are able to effectively manage the back-end of the recruiting process internally will benefit from this type of recruiting project.

Organizations that maintain a bare-bones recruitment staff, and need a short-term, dedicated recruitment source when building out a team, ramping up a new product or business unit, can also benefit from this type of recruitment effort, without paying multiple placement fees.

Emerging companies, start-ups with limited recruiting resources, critical urgent hiring needs that need a dedicated, committed, fully accountable recruiting resource in order to compete for in-demand talent.


The Process

The Recruitment Message.  We will work with you to craft an effective recruitment message that will appeal to and attract the appropriate candidates.  This will include an Opportunity Profile that we deliver to potential candidates after our initial contact with them.  This is not merely a position description. This document includes information that a potential candidate would want to see before considering making a move.  We have had a high rate of success when armed with compelling information about our client’s opportunity.

Target identification.  At the beginning of the project, The Adkins Group will work with you to identify the companies that would be the best sources for potential candidates.  You will select the people and functions that you want to have identified and contacted within the target companies that you have chosen.

Sourcing, Research.  We will then generate research from these companies, identifying the people who are most likely to be qualified for the positions that you are looking to fill.

Delivering the Recruitment Message.  The Adkins Group’s experienced recruiting staff will then deliver your recruiting message directly to the people that can do the job.

Candidate Profiling. The Adkins Group will interview interested candidates against the specifications/requirements of the position.

Presentation of Qualified Candidates.   You will receive resumes, interview notes, and candidate profiles on each qualified, interested, pre-screened prospect. This includes the candidate’s employment history, core competencies (as related to the position), education, and compensation information.

Client Report.  In addition to the interested candidate information, you will receive a weekly report which will include the names and titles of all of the potential candidates contacted, along with their responses.  This information can prove to be valuable when addressing future hiring needs, or when gauging the perception of your company in the marketplace.


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