The first step in a successful search involves working with the hiring executive and members of the management team to determine the precise qualifications, experience, deliverables, and personal attributes that the candidate must have to be successful. At this stage, it is important to develop a clear understanding of the client’s organization, core values, culture, strategy, strengths/weaknesses, and position in the marketplace. The information developed here becomes the foundation on which we build our search strategy, and is a key factor in delivering an accurate recruiting message to prospective candidates, and ultimately, in determining the success of the search.


Research and Search Strategy, Candidate Identification

Using the information and criteria obtained from the client consultation, we develop an indepth search strategy to direct our activities, and an extensive, research strategy to identify target companies and high potential individuals. This strategy involves using a variety of sources and methods including investigative research, industry expert contacts, referral solicitation, and data from previous searches that we have completed. Using our broad network of resources, we can effectively identify high potential candidates who are not typically found using any single traditional recruiting method.

Candidate Contact, Recruitment, Screening, and Assessment

At this point, we then contact prospective candidates. A majority of the most qualified individuals that we speak with are not currently looking to make a change. Therefore, it is important that we be able to deliver a complete, accurate, high-caliber recruiting message that will appeal to potential candidates. We then assess their individual experience, achievements, and skills. We carry out indepth interviews to determine cultural fit, motivation, goals, communication skills, strategic vision, and to identify any barriers to closure. We screen-out the candidates that do not meet the pre-determined criteria.

Presentation of Candidates

Next, we present our clients with a detailed professional summary for each qualified, interested candidate, detailing their key strengths, skills, etc. We then extensively review each of the highest potential candidates with our clients, comparing them to the original position specification and profile developed during the original client consultation.

Client Interviews Candidates

The client then selects which candidates to interview and reference checks are performed, followed by the coordination, scheduling, and planning for the interviews.


The client makes the decision on which candidate to select. We assist by identifying and highlighting any key points, concerns, or barriers to closure that may keep our clients from making the best possible selection.

Re-Qualification of Selected Candidate

At this point, before the client presents the offer, we revisit with the candidate to perform a trial close. This is necessary in order to gauge compensation requirements, interest level, expectations, concerns, etc.–any area that will influence or effect the likelihood of closure.

Presentation of Offer

We help to facilitate compensation negotiations and help to resolve any issues that may arise. Upon acceptance, we help to prepare the candidate for resignation, and walk them through a potential counter-offer scenario.


We work with our client and candidate to ensure a successful transition and integration into the organization, and to provide ongoing support.