The Executive Search Method of Choice: The Container

The search option that our clients have found to be the most effective is our contained search method. The Container is the logical solution for clients that want to utilize the high-performance aspects of retained search, but with the sense of urgency, cost efficiency, and payment structure that is competitive with contingency search.


When To Use Contained Search

The Contained search is effective in meeting the most difficult executive and managerial staffing challenges head-on. A majority of the positions listed on our representation of searches page were successfully completed using the Contained method of search. It is also a very effective way to address specific or “niched” individual contributor openings. In both instances, as a result of our targeted search effort, you will have access to the most qualified individuals –those who are not necessarily actively looking for new opportunities, but are the most qualified to do the job.


Performance Advantages and Features of Contained Search

  • Sense of Urgency.  Our firm is highly motivated to present qualified candidates within 2 to 3 weeks from the start of the project. We do not receive a final placement fee until our client hires our candidate.
  • Targeted Research/Search Effort. We directly identify, contact, and qualify the desired candidates who are doing the job that you want to fill.
  • No Geographic Boundaries. We will identify and contact the best talent in the marketplace, regardless of location or industry.
  • A Dedicated Effort. Our team takes on a limited number of projects at any given time to ensure that our client’s search is at the top of the stack. We will not take on any new search projects that will take away from current projects.
  • Only qualified candidates will be submitted. There is no sifting through piles of resumes (from multiple sources) of unqualified candidates.
  • Detailed feedback of search progress. The Adkins Group will provide reports detailing who we’ve spoken with and their responses. This information can prove to be valuable in refining or redirecting search efforts, identifying the perception of our client in the marketplace, and provides residual value by identifying key talent for future needs.
  • Confidentiality. We understand the importance of discretion and confidentiality when conducting a search for our clients.
  • Limited Initial Investment. Our contained search service is on a par with a fully retained search, but without the full financial upfront commitment. It only requires a one-time project initiation payment to get started. This payment will fund the entire research and recruiting effort with no hidden fees or charges added. The placement fee is performance-based and due only upon the hiring of an Adkins Group candidate.

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