Case Study – Spansion


Previously a joint venture between AMD  and Fujitsu, Spansion is now a publicly  traded company. It is the largest organization in the world dedicated exclusively to designing, developing, manufacturing, marketing, and selling Flash  memory solutions. (


Under its new independent structure,  Spansion faced the monumental task of filling a large number of vital executive positions immediately.
The human resources team needed  to quickly find experienced leaders with highly specialized skill sets to  continue to guide Spansion’s market  growth in the Flash memory industry.


Spansion and The Adkins Group,  an executive recruitment consulting  firm, partnered to create a results-oriented search and recruiting solution.  Instead of retaining multiple search  firms to address each opening, Spansion collaborates with The Adkins  Group who provides a single point of  contact for a wide range of search  resources including an onsite team.


Within six months, 12 crucial positions were filled with top talent. A uniquely tailored cost structure also makes the process budget-friendly, especially when compared to using traditional search firms.

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